Professional speaker with a passion for inspiring success

Do you need a speaker who will captivate your audience and ignite them with a passion for personal success? Someone who understands how to motivate your team to improve their performance so – together – they’ll help your organisation advance and prosper?

'I would highly recommend Mick Carter’s high energy and lateral thinking to inspire any team/organisation in this changing business environment.'
- Lindsay Southwell

Mick Carter is an in-demand speaker with an international reputation for inspiring people to extract the best outcomes from every interaction.

'Implementing Mick’s strategies has had an immediate impact on my sales business with stronger relationships being created with my clients at each interaction.'
- Wade Lockrey
Senior Sales Consultant

Experienced, engaging speaker

As an experienced speaker, Mick is adept at tailoring his presentations to suit his audience – from truck drivers to sales teams, fleet managers to business leaders. Mick undertakes thorough research to ensure he delivers on the required business outcomes for every presentation.

'One of Mick's biggest strengths is his ability to motivate and encourage people to bring the best out in themselves.'
- Gavin Tye
Sales Manager

Vibrant, versatile presenter

Mick has successfully built and led number one sales teams across a range of industries, most recently in the technology and telematics sectors.

He shares over two decades of expertise in people, sales and enterprise technology with generosity, energy and infectious enthusiasm.

'Mick made me think about things in a new way and improved my communication with the non-technical staff.'
- Anthony Billing
Senior Software Engineer

Specialising in People, Sales and SaaS

Drawing on expertise in brain fitness, mind control, personal vision and motivation, he has spoken throughout Australia – and internationally – on a range of topics, including:

  • growing successful sales channels
  • leveraging people power to build unstoppable teams
  • leadership
  • the sales process
  • go-to-market strategies
  • the customer experience
  • neural selling techniques
  • sales conversion
  • personal motivation and personal meaning
  • building the ultimate dynamic customer experience
  • digital transformation and enterprise SaaS
'Mick has a wealth of knowledge not just around sales but business and life.'
- Clay Gerrard
Industry Sales Leader

Impassioned, insightful presenter

A brilliant motivator with an innate understanding of people and the sales process, Mick also has a happy obsession with the customer experience. His exceptional operational insights have helped many businesses reach new levels of sales performance.

'Mick has an incredibly energetic and infectious personality that brings out the best in those around him… He is strategically focused on customer outcomes and one of the few people who actually practises what he preaches.'
- Shane Suliman
QLD State Manager

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