Geotab – Managing EV Fleets With Key Data


Providing the key
operational data
required by
EV fleet managers


Electric Vehicle
Suitability Assessment (EVSA)
builds a business case for
conversion to EV


Geotab is the world’s
largest connected fleet with
2 million
connected vehicles, globally

Operational Data and Conversion Suitability

Managing EVs and the key data required to do that.

Geotab provides you with the key operational data to manage your fleet effectively including:

  • current state of charge
  • charging times and locations
  • charging duration
  • charge complete
  • EV near charging station and not charging
  • Energy used to charge
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Get clarity about your organisation’s suitability to convert to electric vehicles.

Geotab brings their extensive northern hemisphere experience in the upcoming EV fleet market by providing the “Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment” for building the business case for conversion when the time is right, providing a breakdown of the costs and carbon savings to be achieved in the full life cycle of the vehicle.

This EVSA also helps to provides confidence about EV range and manages range anxiety.

Better Fleet Management Data – Better Business

Geotab captures all the data you need to achieve better fleet management, better results for your organisation and better outcomes for the environment.

EVSA (Electric Vehicle
Suitability Assessment)

Our EVSA uses your data and draws from a global database of over 2 million connected vehicles to assess your fleet.

Our EVSA generates a range of reports from cost savings to projected CO2 emissions, so you can feel confident about your EV decisions.

Fleet Trend Insights

Use our powerful platform to analyse essential fleet trend data like distance travelled and fuel or maintenance costs.

Your data helps you predict future costs – and maximise savings to achieve greater profitability.

Improved Driver Safety

You and your drivers receive alerts about their driving performance. You can monitor performance in real time, and via safety reports.

In-vehicle safety compliance checklists and coaching help drivers improve their on-road skills, and minimise insurance costs.

Greater Sustainability

Geotab is the ultimate EV fleet tool to help you track battery levels, daily EV range, charging activity and energy consumption in real time.

Knowing the availability and range of every vehicle in your fleet means you can optimise schedules for greater profitability.

Simple, sustainable fleet management – outstanding customer support

At Beyond Clarity, delivering proactive customer service – pre or post sales – is our happy obsession. We only represent products with a proven track record for delivering on their promises.

Geotab’s award-winning technology makes it simple for you to understand the economic and environmental feasibility of converting your fleet to electric vehicles.

Beyond Clarity is a leading authorised Geotab reseller. So, if you’re ready to use superior telematics to reduce your fleet’s carbon footprint while increasing profitability and driver safety – we can help.

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