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Meet Mick & Ness Carter

Mick and Ness Carter are the commercially savvy Brisbane-based couple in the driving seat at Beyond Clarity. Before building their business together, they both forged careers as high-level executives. So, you can depend on their ability to grasp the key problems in your organisation, then provide the best technology solution to fix them.

‘At Beyond Clarity, we don’t sell products – we sell solutions. So, it’s essential we understand the technology we’re representing, the problems we’re solving and their impact. And, of course, the transformation our technology solution is going to bring about for each business that adopts it.’

– Mick Carter – Director

Using data insights to drive lasting change

Our products drive business growth by using data insights to improve profit, cashflow and performance.

Just as importantly, they save lives in the transport industry with leading driver fatigue and distraction detection – Guardian by Seeing Machines. They also help address sustainability and the climate change emergency by making the conversion of fleets to electric vehicles transparent and accessible with Geotab EVSA.

Creating the ultimate customer experience

Mick and Ness’s passion for making a difference in the world laid the foundations for the type of business Beyond Clarity has become. Their commitment to research and education means they freely share their knowledge.

They’re both passionate about creating the ultimate customer experience. So, if you need more information or support – from a demo to an online Q&A session with your drivers to learn about Guardian – just ask.

Committed to education that saves lives

One of Mick and Ness’s key goals is to educate and solve the dangerous issue of driver fatigue by helping to dispel existing industry misconceptions. Ultimately, they want to help change dangerous fatigue management laws that hinder rather than help driver safety.

Mick is a passionate public speaker who educates his audiences as well as engaging and entertaining them. He’s also a dedicated and generous business mentor.

As Beyond Clarity continues to grow – you can be certain Mick and Ness are very much invested in the prosperity, health and safety of every business they serve.

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