Inspection and Maintenance Software to Maximise Uptime and Profitability


Whip Around keeps
team members connected


Paperless vehicle
and asset inspections


Data you need
to make decisions

Whip Around – Streamlining Inspections, Keeping Your Team Connected

Whip Around makes the entire vehicle inspection process simple, with a best-in-class mobile app for drivers available on iOS and Android. Within the web dashboard, managers can follow up on missed inspections, and easily create PM schedules.

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Easy to use and customisable inspection software built to keep you compliant with Chain of Responsibility, ​Work ​health and safety​ (WHS), occupational ​health and safety​ (OH&S)​ laws and NHVR regulations.

Visibility and Efficiency for Multiple Stakeholders

Instant access to the status of your vehicles and assets for managers and key stakeholders

Paperless data collection

For drivers, Whip Around’s template forms library and mobile app makes illegible handwriting and losing paper inspection forms a thing of the past.

Customise inspection forms for drivers to complete and define what’s needed. No more pencil whipping reports. Whip Around ensures a proper inspection is completed.

Insights for Fleet Managers

In the Whip Around dashboard, managers can view failed inspections, a complete list of faults, and track vehicles due for service or currently being serviced.

Whip Around has been created by fleet managers for fleet managers just like you to give you control of your maintenance and compliance processes.

Planning and Preparation

Simplify maintenance by keeping your mechanics connected to what’s happening. No more handing off work orders, or worrying about misplacing important documents.

Load in common Service Tasks mechanics perform– from battery replacements to oil changes, and combine these to create Service Programs based on intervals that you set for each vehicle.

Proactive Maintenance

With the data you have in Whip Around, why not unlock the power of an automated preventative maintenance program?

Create maintenance reminders triggered on the mileage of your vehicles, and never forget a routine oil change.

Superior technology + superior support

At Beyond Clarity, we’re passionate about delivering superior customer support from pre to post sales. We only represent products with a proven track record for delivering on their promises.

Whip Around’s industry-leading application is a game-changer for fleets looking to streamline their current process, or simply eliminate paper forms.Customers have saved up to 30% in maintenance costs by identifying small problems before they become big problems.

Beyond Clarity is a leading authorised Whip Around reseller. If your organisation is ready to add visibility and clarity to the way you perform inspections and maintenance, we can help.

Contact us today to see how Whip Around can give your fleet the tools it needs to maximize profits.

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