Instant Fatigue And Distraction Detection That Saves Lives


Sleepiness contributes to
of all deaths and severe
injuries on the road.


Most fatigue-related driving
events happen in the first
30–90 minutes.
Risks increase after a break.


1 in 4
road accidents are attributed
to mobile phone use while

Guardian by Seeing Machines – Your Mate In The Cab

Feeling fatigued or getting distracted are real risks when you’re driving alone. It’s not a matter of distance travelled, time of day or experience.

Mental fatigue can happen to anyone at any time. Its onset is gradual, making it difficult for even the best drivers to detect it themselves and take a break.

Having Guardian by Seeing Machines fitted to your vehicle is like having a trusted, attentive mate in the cab with you to:

  • let you know when you need to take a break
  • tap you on the shoulder and say, ‘watch the road’ when you’re distracted
  • make sure you and other road users stay safe

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Our advanced computer vision technology is your mate in the cab. It’s there to protect you while driving so you get home safely after every shift.

‘After installing Guardian by Seeing Machines in our trucks, we gained a much-improved understanding of real fatigue events. We were also surprised to learn how much time people were
spending texting and using handheld phones while in control of a motor vehicle.’

– Ken Easter Snr, Director,
KS Easter Transport

The lifesaving power of Guardian’s advanced technology

Guardian is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that gives you real-time protection whenever you or your drivers experience fatigue or distraction behind the wheel.


An algorithm monitors the driver’s eyes, face and head position to detect signs of fatigue or distraction.

Drivers have peace of mind knowing they are protected from the ever-present risks of fatigue and distraction.

Fatigue & Distraction Intervention

Real-time audio and seat vibration alerts are triggered when fatigue or distraction is detected.

These alarms enable drivers to instantly self-correct, avoid an accident and assess the best action to take next.


The small in-cab sensor is mounted on the dash.
It’s not a CCTV and can only record if an alarm is triggered.

Drivers can focus on their job, secure in the knowledge that – just like them – their privacy is protected on every trip.

Insurance Savings

NTI offers a range of policy benefits for vehicles fitted with Guardian by Seeing Machines.

Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet, with our computer vision technology you save money and save lives.

‘The results that we have achieved since installing Guardian by Seeing Machines are very impressive… all vehicles purchased in the future will definitely have a machine installed.’
Michael Mahon, Director,
MJ Mahon Transport

The best computer vision technology backed up by the best support

At Beyond Clarity, we’re passionate about giving you an outstanding customer experience, both pre and post sales. That’s why we only represent products with a proven track record for delivering on their promises.

Guardian by Seeing Machines has been scientifically proven to reduce fatigue events by more than 90%. So, it’s making Australia’s roads safer for drivers and other road users.

Beyond Clarity is the exclusive Queensland agent for Connect Source, Australia’s largest Guardian by Seeing Machines distributor.

Listen to Mick from Beyond Clarity discuss the misconceptions around fatigue and Seeing Machines on “On The Road Aussie Trucking Podcast”

‘Mick from Beyond Clarity is a pleasure to deal with because of his enthusiasm and commitment to the task and the product he is representing.’

Ken Easter Snr, Director,
KS Easter Transport

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