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What topics can Mick speak about?
With over 25 years of business experience, Mick can talk with confidence about anything related to people, sales, digital transformation and SaaS. Some of the topics he has presented on before include:
  • growing successful sales channels
  • leveraging people power to build unstoppable teams
  • leadership
  • the sales process
  • go-to-market strategies
  • the customer experience
  • neural selling techniques
  • sales conversion
  • personal motivation and personal meaning
  • building the ultimate dynamic customer experience
  • digital transformation and enterprise SaaS
  • The best approach is to get in touch to discuss the details of your event with Mick.
Does Mick speak at events held outside of Brisbane?
Yes. Mick has presented at events all over Australia and internationally. If you’re interested in booking Mick for your event, get in touch for a chat.
How much after-sales support is available for your products?
The short answer is, as much as you need. At Beyond Clarity, our team is committed to delivering the best possible customer experience. And that means making sure you can access the full benefits of the product you’ve purchased.
How can I find out more about the suitability of your products?
Start by getting in touch with our team. Once we understand a little about your business and the challenges you’re facing, we can help. We invest time and energy into researching the right technology solution to solve your unique problem. We will thoroughly explain the benefits of adopting this advanced technology and can also arrange a demo for you.
Can Geotab identify the cost savings and carbon savings of moving to an EV fleet?
Yes. Geotab’s advanced technology lets you know exactly what cost and carbon savings are possible by converting your fleet to EVs. Contact us to find out more.
Can Guardian by Seeing Machines help me save on my insurance costs?
Yes! NTI offers a range of policy benefits for vehicles fitted with Guardian by Seeing Machines. Speak to one of our friendly team members to find out more.
How can Guardian by Seeing Machines win me more contracts?
When your vehicles are fitted with Guardian by Seeing Machines, you are demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to safety and CoR compliance. That gives you a powerful edge when you’re renewing or competing for contracts.
Is Guardian by Seeing Machines suitable for owner-operators?
Yes. Guardian is proven to save lives on the road. So, whether you’re an owner-driver or a national fleet manager, your business can benefit from Guardian’s lifesaving technology.
My truck drivers have questions about Guardian – can you help?
Yes. We understand that driving rosters can make it hard to coordinate a toolbox meeting with all your drivers. So, we can organise a video call for drivers. They can join from wherever they are located and ask their questions about our advanced computer vision technology – Guardian by Seeing Machines. Get in touch to discuss your needs.
Do you offer product demonstrations?
Yes. Once you’ve spoken with us about our products, we can organise your demo.

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