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Aggregates millions of data
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Compatible with any


Streamlines data collection
across organisations

Unleash the power of your critical data with Momentum

Extracting and analysing actionable information from your data is difficult when your systems don’t talk to each other.

Without data aggregation, you are missing opportunities for growth because your valuable data exists in a stagnant data swamp.

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With Momentum, you will drain your data swamps and transform them into free-flowing data lakes. Your data is collected and connected so you can:

  • gain access to previously inaccessible data
  • save time with streamlined data collection and analysis
  • discover the potential hidden in your disparate datasets

Momentum uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to aggregate your crucial data and extract insights to help drive and improve your performance.

Create one trusted data source

Momentum extracts the value from your data swiftly and safely. By eliminating the risks associated with manual data transfers, your organisation creates one trusted source of information.

One Platform For All Data

Momentum draws your disparate datasets together and creates a free-flowing data lake.

You have one source of truth for your data, giving you greater insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your operations.

Intuitive User Experience

Momentum delivers an intuitive user experience. It also has the flexibility to be customised to your specific needs.

Data input and display are user-friendly, making them more efficient. Momentum is also cost-effective because it’s integrated with many existing systems.

Accelerated Decision-Making

Data aggregation means you are no longer relying on manual data transfers from different systems.

Accurate, faster, more effective data analysis helps identify useful information and accelerate the decision-making process.

Data Insights

Momentum connects your systems to give you access to data insights that were previously inaccessible.

You can use these new insights to empower your employees, improve your customer experience and drive growth.

More certainty about your data + your customer experience

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Momentum has a demonstrated ability to transform business processes. Its powerful data aggregation and analysis capabilities give you insights into optimising operations to improve performance.

Beyond Clarity is an agent for Connect Source, Momentum’s largest Australian distributor.

So, if your business is ready to leave frustrating data swamps behind and drive performance with insightful data lakes instead, let’s talk.

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