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and unlocking opportunities to improve profit, performance
and sustainability.

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Looking to upgrade your telematics form 3G to 4G?…have a look at the worlds’ best telematics – Geotab. Before you change, examine the best. The best provider for the next decade as it works with petrol, diesel and electric – all vehicles regardless of how they are powered.

guardian By Seeing Machines

Driver fatigue and distraction management – save lives

Don’t let fatigue or distractions behind the wheel put your drivers and other road users at risk. Guardian by Seeing Machines is the leading computer vision technology available in Australia, so you’ll be CoR compliant, win more contracts and save lives.

There are many ways to combat driver fatigue and distraction. One such way is through the use of guardian seeing machines. Guardian is a computer vision system that monitors the driver’s face for signs of fatigue or distraction.
  • Immediate fatigue and distraction warning for drivers
  • Non-intrusive protection inside the cab
  • Insurance policy benefits – save lives AND save money
Guardian seeing machines

Data aggregation + insights – turn data swamps into lakes

Are you dealing with missed opportunities to improve performance and profit because you have a data swamp? Momentum takes the data from your different systems and makes it accessible in one place.

  • Makes inaccessible data insights accessible
  • Identifies new processes and efficiencies
  • Empowers employees