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‘UCS recently completed the rollout of just under 50 Seeing Machine safety devices to our heavy vehicle fleet. These devices have already allowed UCS to better manage driver fatigue and distraction risks, which protects the driver and other road users. Thanks to Michael Carter, Connect Source Pty Ltd and Seeing Machines for providing these world leading safety devices for our fleet.’

- UCS Group

‘This technology helps make me and my drivers safe, and it has taught me to be a better driver even in my own car. Drivers sometimes work tired no matter how hard they try to manage fatigue, so it great we have this protection policy.

I have secured more work from my main contractor based on my investment in this safety technology.

The team has great customer service, and always answers the phone and responds quickly.’

- Gurbrinder Singh
P. Logistics P/L

‘Firstly thank you for the training session today, I thought it was just fantastic. If possible, could I get a copy of the slides you had today, as you were a bit quick for my writing speed and I missed a few things I really wanted to note down.

Once again thank you for today’s training session it was great.

- Aaron Booth
South Australia

‘Firstly I just want to thank you for making yourself available for today. I personally want to thank you as it has really made me realize my full potential. I have started my health plan and finished my mission statement and put in into my prospecting plan.

Once again thank you so much and I will be keeping an open mind to any other seminars you are holding.

- Nathan Deegenaars
Cronulla , Sydney

‘Thank you so much for your great session today. You are truly an amazing person. I really loved every minute of the session today.

I would love to report and work for you one day. 😄

I have Banking and finance and telecommunications background. I am not saying that I don’t love my job but I really wanted to work with you one day. I can take my career into next level having a manager like you is a real gift.’

- Omer
North Ryde, Sydney

‘Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for putting together recharge, which was awesome and both business and life-altering!

Yesterday, Michael Carter was absolutely brilliant. Over my 8 years in real estate, all the learning centres, training, and seminars I’ve attended, I’ve never been as privileged as to have such a speaker who, from a physically direct sales point of view, could be as motivational, humble, informative and proactive as he was. I’ve already set my course to change my life, habits and bought and a couple of books he suggested.’

- Steve McMahon
Frenchs Forest

‘It’s just been my very great pleasure to complete the above Sales Training with Michael Carter and Graeme Hyde. I must admit that I was apprehensive as it was a 2-day program coming after a long weekend meaning an even shorter week for us to complete all of the normal tasks. As it turned out, yesterday was one of the most powerful sessions that I have attended (in terms of working on personal growth- this was my session) and this was compounded with today’s super practical, putting all the theory into practice sessions.

On behalf of myself and my team, I’d like to say a big thank you for allowing us the opportunity to attend the course and would ask to please be kept in mind and in the loop for any future training.’

- Stephen Bunday
Franchise Owner

‘Thank you! ! I had a great day with all your engaging content.

I look forward to getting back to the office and implementing/ working on growing myself/ and my business with the tools from yesterday.’

- Jaime-Leigh
Footscray, Melbourne

‘Lifesaving is the first thing that comes to mind to describe Seeing Machines. I definitely sleep better at night knowing our drivers have added protection on the road.’

- Ken Easter Snr

‘Upon receiving the first report and viewing the footage, I found it so alarming that we immediately issued an order number to purchase more units. This has been the most cost-effective insurance policy I have ever had.’


‘Mick has an incredibly energetic and infectious personality that brings out the best in those around him… He is strategically focused on customer outcomes and one of the few people who actually practises what he preaches.’

- Shane Suliman
QLD State Manager

‘Mick has a wealth of knowledge not just around sales but business and life.’

- Clay Gerrard
Industry Sales Leader

‘Mick made me think about things in a new way and improved my communication with the non-technical staff.’

- Anthony Billing
Senior Software Engineer

‘One of Mick’s biggest strengths is his ability to motivate and encourage people to bring the best out in themselves.’

- Gavin Tye
Sales Manager

‘Implementing Mick’s strategies has had an immediate impact on my sales business with stronger relationships being created with my clients at each interaction.’

- Wade Lockrey
Senior Sales Consultant

‘I would highly recommend Mick Carter’s high energy and lateral thinking to inspire any team/organisation in this changing business environment.’

- Lindsay Southwell

‘The results that we have achieved since installing Guardian by Seeing Machines are very impressive… all vehicles purchased in the future will definitely have a machine installed.’

- Michael Mahon, Director,
MJ Mahon

‘Choosing to fit Guardian units to our fleet has delivered notable benefits, including a large saving on repairs and insurance claims. It also revealed that several of our drivers had some health issues they were not aware of. I definitely sleep better at night knowing our drivers have added protection on the road.

I fully believe it is the best technology I’ve seen in our industry to prevent loss of life due to fatigue.’

- Ken Easter Snr,
Director, KS Easter Transport