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KS Easter Transport – prioritising protection against driver fatigue and distraction

The risk of mental fatigue or distraction is ever-present for drivers without a driver safety system they can trust to protect them.

Compliance, reliability and driver safety are top priorities for overnight and time-sensitive linehaul and local transport service provider, KS Easter Transport.

Research shows that 10% of all road fatalities are caused by fatigue. And 1 in 4 road accidents are attributed to mobile phone use while driving.

As a third-generation family-run transport business, KS Easter Transport’s management team was well aware of the risks mental fatigue and distraction pose for drivers.

The company had processes in place. But they were looking for a driver safety system for their fleet of 100 trucks to provide enhanced driver protection.

Advanced computer vision technology

Director, Ken Easter Snr, was already aware of and interested in the system features Guardian by Seeing Machines offered.

The computer vision technology uses an algorithm to detect when a driver is fatigued or experiences moments of distraction. Real-time audio and seat vibration alerts are instantly triggered, allowing the driver to self-correct and avoid an accident.

When the alarms are activated, the in-cab unit records the event and sends it to Guardian’s 24/7 support centre. The operator informs the driver’s fleet manager who can then contact the driver to assess their safety.

Mick Carter gave Ken a live demo, including the advanced reporting tool. Ken then agreed to install Guardian units in six of his trucks.

Instant and clear benefit for the drivers and the company

'Upon receiving the first report and viewing the footage, I found it so alarming that we immediately issued an order number to purchase more units. This has been the most cost-effective insurance policy I have ever had.'

The management team at KS Easter Transport quickly gained a deeper understanding of fatigue and distraction events – and their frequency. The Guardian units even revealed that some of their drivers had underlying health conditions they were previously unaware of.

'Lifesaving is the first thing that comes to mind to describe Seeing Machines. I definitely sleep better at night knowing our drivers have added protection on the road.'
- Ken Easter Snr

Since the purchase of the six units, KS Easter Transport has been retrofitting four Guardian units per month to their existing vehicles. All new equipment purchased has Guardian installed during the pre-delivery process.

Now everyone – from the drivers to the directors – has greater peace of mind that they are using a driver safety system that is proven to save lives.

Whether you’re an owner-operator or a national fleet manager, Guardian by Seeing Machines can make your journeys safer for all road users.
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