Business AI to maximise your cashflow & profit


ELARA artificial intelligence
(AI) extracts value from
your business data


Simplifies your digital
transformation strategy


Turns data swamps
into data lakes

ELARA – your proven pathway to profitability

Without the benefit of hindsight, recognising poor business decisions can be difficult – especially if your digital systems don’t talk to each other.

Data alone won’t generate solutions. You need to know how to extract value from your data, so you can make informed decisions that drive profit.

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ELARA’s advanced AI makes sense of your data to help you grow your profit with ease. It connects to all your digital systems from HR to accounts, procurement to sales, then:

  • creates a digital twin of your business data
  • conducts virtual and real-life experiments using your data
  • finds new pathways to maximise your profitability

Whatever the size or structure of your business, ELARA takes the guesswork out of prioritising decisions that will have the biggest positive impact on your profit.

Discover the hidden value in your data

ELARA AI improves your reporting across all your datasets and delivers accurate, valuable insight into the next steps for your organisation.


ELARA’s advanced AI experiments with a replica of your data to discover how you can decrease costs and increase revenue.

You can implement changes to your business with a high degree of confidence that you’ll grow your profit.

Digital Transformation

Get clarity about your digital transformation priorities so you can successfully turn data swamps into data lakes.

Improved data flow will help you discover the decisions that will drive immediate profits for your business.

Identify Profit Drivers

Identify the barriers to improving your performance and discover what blocks and what drives profit.

By understanding your profit drivers, you can make operational decisions with confidence that they will increase your profitability.

Versatile Platform

ELARA uses powerful AI, but the platform is simple and versatile to use.

Whether your organisation is cloud-friendly or cloud-averse, ELARA can be tailored to suit your preferences.

Superior technology + superior support

At Beyond Clarity, we’re passionate about delivering superior customer support from pre to post sales. We only represent products with a proven track record for delivering on their promises.

ELARA is able to predict your pathway to profitability with 95% accuracy and indicate how much your profit and cashflow will improve.

Beyond Clarity is an approved distributor of ELARA. If your organisation is ready to gain clarity about the decisions that will grow your profit and improve your cashflow, we can help.

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